Cheap Phone Service


Do you need a cheap second or third phone line and want to put some cash in ol’ db2Dean’s pocket?

Well you’ve come to the right place!


I use Lingo at home for my home office line and it is used as the main telephone line at the world headquarters of Mary Lou’s Stained Glass LLC.  This is a Voice over IP (VOIP) system and you need to have a high speed internet connection to use it.  I am a “Lingo Affiliate” so when you buy Lingo VOIP service while accessing their internet site from my link, they pay me a commission. 


Because it is not as reliable as my home phone service, I continue to use the local phone company for my personal phone number.  My cable high speed internet is pretty reliable, but occasionally the VOIP service stops working and I have to stop/start my cable modem, router, and Lingo box.  Then everything is good again. When you sign up for this service Lingo sends you a small box that plugs into your high speed modem using an Ethernet cable.  Since I have a home network, it is just another device plugged into my router.  There is another port on the Lingo box where you plug the cord from your regular telephone into it.  If you would like more details, please follow the “click here” link below.


I’ve used the Lingo service for nearly two years have been satisfied with the service.  It does not bother me to occasionally reboot my modem, router and Lingo box.  I attend many long conference calls from my home and occasionally need to speak with a DB2 support person in Canada, so I subscribe to the $21.95/month “Chatter Box” plan where I get unlimited calls to the USA and Canada.  Mary Lou’s Stained glass only needs to take incoming calls so she subscribes to the $7.95/month “Lingo Link” plan.  You can make outgoing calls on this plan, but they cost 30 cents per minute.  Among several other features, both plans include:



So click here to check out all of the information and place your order if this service is right for you.  Please make sure that you accessed Lingo through this link when you decide to buy so that I get my $40.00!  If you just book mark Lingo’s site and come back later I will not get paid. L



One interesting thing that happened when I tried to order my second line is that I was denied because 911 emergency service is not connected to the VOIP service in my town.  So I tried again and gave a downtown as my 911 emergency address.  I was then able to submit my order.  This would be a really bad idea if I use this for my main phone number, but since I have 5 other phones in my house hooked to my main land line, including one in my office I considered this no big deal.  Just though that you might be interested.


Happy digital Talking!