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21 February 2009


I have been investing in real estate since 2002.† I own positive cash flow properties and can help you find them too.† That is why I believe that if you are looking for a residential real estate investment you will want to work with me.† Click here if you would like to see a synopsis of my investments and strategies.† If they are the type of investments that that you would like to make then please contact me.†


My process will begin with meeting with you to determine where you are and what your goals are.† Even if you donít have your goals completely set, I would still be happy to talk to you.† If we both feel that I can help you achieve your goals then Iíll proceed with finding properties that meet your goals.† If you are a busy professional like me you do not want to spend a lot of time visiting properties that have no hope doing what you want.† Dollars and cents determine which properties are likely to meet your goals along with the likelihood that the property will appreciate.† Once we find properties that meet your goals on paper then we can visit them to see what they really look like.††


Having a real estate professional that understands your needs and is willing to do what you really want makes your process if purchasing a property much more efficient.† The first thing that comes to mind is someone who will truly find the types of properties that interest you.† As I said above I can help you evaluate properties from a financial perspective.† It is also very helpful to have someone who can provide advice based on experience and I have been investing for years.† In my years of doing my own investing, I have also developed an ecosystem of other professionals who I have come to trust that the investor needs including property managers, mortgage brokers, construction contractors and handy men, lawyers, accountants and other real estate investors.† I can introduce you to these folks as appropriate.† Finally, I have several years of project management experience that is useful to my clients.† Most real estate contracts have specific dates when various milestones must be completed such as loan qualification and inspections.† I can keep everyone update on what they are supposed to accomplished with time to for them to get things done.


I believe that one group of people who I can especially help is the person with a full time job who wants to invest in real estate.† That is my background.† To see more about what I do when Iím not working on real estate, please view db2Dean.com.† To see what my colleagues are saying about me also see my LinkedIn profile.

Want to see what others who have done business with me have to say about the experience?† You can see what those who have rented my Snowbird Cliff Club Condo time-share week have said about me in the comments section of my rental page.



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